We take huge pride in our art and culture and talented pool of artists, who each day paint the most artbeautiful image for our country. Art lovers are always curious to turn pages of newspapers and magazines or click away to know what the week has in store for them. Our aim to ensure that their love for the art grows and so we work with diverse mix of artists like musicians, painters, film makers, actors, dancer etc. offering them best outreach plans such to create a buzz for their exceptional talent and work. With an extensive and constantly evolving network of contacts, we deliver media coverage across print, broadcast and online and social media.

We begin with identifying the stories that our clients want to tell, convert these potential stories into best possible form for press coverage and then we utilize our networking skillsto reach put to the appropriate editors and producers. The media engagement strategy we propose to our clients from this industry, we aim at identifying the right tools and mediums of communications, such that our client’s work gets maximum visibility and impact. Our team members have extensive experience of working with artists ranging from painting artisans to theater artists, from singers to actors, and from covering small cultural events to large festivals.