With our extensive experience in healthcare marketing, we help clients from the sector, create a strong messaging strategy that positions their organization as a thought leader while generating demand. We are skilled at positioning our clients ranging from top hospitals to pharma companies, from physicians to other healthcare professionals, educationist and health forums. We create healthcare leaders and positions that resonate with various stakeholders. Read more..


Our environmental Public Relations focus not only public relations but also business aspects of environmental remediation and pollution control. We believe in ecological sustainability and recognize the need of stressing upon ideas that lead towards sustainable ecosystem by forming pressure on organization and government by creating public opinion that changes political decisions through our media reach. Media campaigns are usually constructed by analyzing the current environmental state of the relevant area in tandem with environmental law. Read more..

Development Sector:

Media is one of the most important partner and tool for civil society organizations for engaging in civic activism and promoting change in their community.

We at Red Connect look up to the efforts and some exemplary work put in by various civil society organisation towards betterment of the society. However, most seem to fail to communicate this to the larger world. What is lacking is a clear and strategic approach to Public relations. For a civil society organizations it is critical to publicize its work for generating support, attracting volunteers, raising funds, and amplifying impact. Read more..


We work closely with educationist, education councils, association and industry bodies related to education, training and development. Our communication strategy aims to have lasting and beneficial relationships that adds significant value to the clients. Understanding that media coverage alone cannot generate returns in this sector we broaden our spectrum and create awareness about the service and benefits by engaging media influencers, stakeholders from educations sector, schools and academy chains and generate interest and credibility. Read more..

Art and Culture:

We take huge pride in our art and culture and talented pool of artists, who each day paint the most beautiful image for our country. Art lovers are always curious to turn pages of newspapers and magazines or click away to know what the week has in store for them. Our aim to ensure that their love for the art grows and so we work with diverse mix of artists like musicians, painters, film makers, actors, dancer etc. offering them best outreach plans such to create a buzz for their exceptional talent and work. With an extensive and constantly evolving network of contacts, we deliver media coverage across print, broadcast and online and social media.  Read more..

Luxury & Lifestyles:

Luxury and Lifestyle branding calls for interaction and sharing firsthand experience with the consumer. With our innovative approach and authenticity, Red connect tells stories, generate awareness and create conversations about our client and their brand that drive results. Our data base of rich lifestyle reporters/influencer/bloggers aid in boosting a brand identity. Our client may be a chief, a new restaurant, a designer, a fashion store, a beauty brand, a hospitality group, a consumer or a product, we become the backbone of your idea to become aspiration for people. Read more..



In today’s times start-up’s have been growing exponentially and most of them are lead by passionate entrepreneurs focused on bringing about a change. Red Connect believes in this passion and wants the startup’s to take the next leap through effective and compelling messaging highlighting their passion and work. Read more..