Our environmental Public Relations focus not only public relations but also business aspects of earth-in-hands-environment-conceptenvironmental remediation and pollution control. We believe in ecological sustainability and recognize the need of stressing upon ideas that lead towards sustainable ecosystem by forming pressure on organization and government by creating public opinion that changes political decisions through our media reach. Media campaigns are usually constructed by analyzing the current environmental state of the relevant area in tandem with environmental law.

Our services to our clients in this sector include study of the local scenarios and development of media engagement strategy and plans in tandem with the organisation’s goals and objectives. The campaigns are designed so as to gain empathy among the public towards the cause and thereby goodwill for our client.

Redconnect understands that one of the biggest challenges of our clients from this sector is advocacy and thereby the campaigns and messages are designed developed to ensure that the right message is delivered rightfully to intended audience with whom a policy level engagement is imperative in today and in future.

We help our clients produce stories for podcasts, videos, blogs and other media content that is able to generate maximum empathy towards the cause. We also help our clients in managing the communications around crises and other issues.