Media Relations:Correct writing, packaging and effective dissemination of content makes us relatable. With changing ways of getting news from traditional forms to social, one also needs a media specialist with better understanding of this structure whose expertise just not helps navigate through but also helps leaving an impact locally regionally and nationally. We believe in telling a story effectively through key influencer who shapes public opinions, adds credibility and validates reputation which results in building valuable relationships with various stakeholders. For us media relations is to make client have a continuing relationship than just for news days or good times but also save it in the bad. Read more..

Communications Counsel: We provide result oriented communications counsel to all our clients with activities aiming towards strong public image. Our concise, compelling and creative content remains to be the backbone of our company. The execution of our plan is based on thorough evaluation and research of our clients’ demands. Also, look into what to convey, how to convey and when to convey. Similarly, making use of the right time and right media method for ensuring greater image building.

Crisis Management: A pre-evaluated crisis management plan always works better in crises situations. Understanding digital proliferation the damaged could also be immense therefore a crises management plan can work towards safeguarding any worst to happen to your business, help protect the image of your business among your stakeholders. It begins with identification and analysis of any possible issue that may have any negative effect on company’s image. A crisis management plan works effectively and much before the damage is done if planned with right strategy keeping in mind the reputation an organization and its team holds. Crisis can come unexpectedly destroying organizations reputation in matter of minutes. Read more..

Digital Production and Photography:

An exceptionally well written story, with a great audio, apt music and the right visuals can never be ignored. Digital story telling has profound impact on the viewer and the image of the storyteller. Today, digital storytelling in any form has become the most powerful form for media advocacy. We believe that the truth lies in what we see. Digital medium is fit for all sectors from education to industries, be it advertising, campaigns or a story of inception to an impact. From infographics and GIFs to memes and interactive they are all here to stay.

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Social Media Management:

We understand the need of social media and how it works. Our social media strategies are designed to build a brand and increase its visibility. Our social media strategies attract new customers and their loyalty. We help to validate brands though focused communication with consumers. We are passionate about generating awareness and developing the stories behind the brands, products and services to communicate with the right audiences in the most inspiring way. We create memorable and impactful campaigns. We provide campaign strategy development, content creation, influencer engagement, managing and monitoring on going social media campaigns.


We assist clients in developing innovative research and documentation. It undertakes qualitative and quantitative studies with an aim to present lucid and resourceful data that identifies and maps key areas in development sector. Our services include program documentation, impact assessment, project proposals, project reports, surveys, research reports, design and development of communication materials and preparing IEC materials. With our pool of experts in documentation supports Government, multilateral and bilateral agencies NGOs, schools, and Corporate Houses.